Easter Sunday

Our second offical Easter with Lorenzo and being a family, Easter is about memories and making new ones every year with family.

This Easter felt like a sad one rather a happy one. Again i woke to strong feelings that everything had to be perfect for Lorenzo today, I had these feelings around Christmas and his birthday too. But everything wasn’t perfect everything was all over the place!

Me being me I left all the Easter shopping until the day before Easter so it was a mad rush to the shops to fight the crowds.

Every year I tell myself I won’t leave things to the last minute but every year I ended up leaving it to the last minute.

After our Easter shop we rushed home to rush out again for the hubbies side of the family Easter, which if anyone is also from a split household like his you know it’s not just a simple trip but multiple trips! So that was our Saturday pretty much in a nut shell.

Sunday morning we woke to a toddler at 4am! Not really the started we asked for on a Easter Sunday but guess who had a coffee and rolled with it. We made hot cross buns for breakfast and it was hit!

After breakfast we got ready for Sunday Easter church. Although I don’t go to church every weekend I do try and go at special times of the year.

Church with a toddler was a nightmare! He was well behaved I’ll give him that but definitely super loud and clapping and saying yay out loud when the room was silent, brought out the toys and they just ended in the row in front so the family always had to pick it up. Unfortunately it was very stressful for me so I packed up and left half way through.

After church we had Easter lunch with my grandparents which is usually what I look forward to the most but this year was different. My grandma is very ill and unfortunately isn’t herself anymore so I get very sad when I’m around her now because it’s as if I’ve already lost her but she’s still here. But towards the end of lunch she seemed like her old self and I was happy. After lunch we drove home and were in a food coma and all of us had a big two hour nap! Woke up and it was time to do the night routine and get Lorenzo to sleep for bed.

I hope you all have had a wonderful Easter weekend, sorry for the short blog I’ve been enjoying my weekend with family

Mummy shark 😘

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