Thrift shopping for a toddler

Before I get into the blog post I just want to give you guys a little insight of me, before I was a mother and had no one else to worry about I would spend my money on designer items and wouldn’t be caught trying to save my money in anyway shape or form.

Fast forward to now to having a hubby and child and every little bite of money I have goes straight into my savings account.

I used to always get weird when people would suggest thrift shops for clothes for my son or if anyone wanted to go look in any shop like this. Now I’m living for them!

I love going and hunting for clothes for Lorenzo I would say I’m still very much picky and only buy clothes that are in very good condition but it’s kind of fun to shop second hand! For Lorenzo’s first birthday we had nothing! No close past 6 months old and I had to pretty much buy a whole new wardrobe for him, I was so stressed because I thought to myself that’s a lot of money! Then it was my sister who suggested thrift shopping and one day she went out and came back with a whole bag just full of boys summer clothes and they actually were pretty nice clothes too! She said she only spent $5 on the whole lot. My mind was blown and that’s how I got into buying second hand clothes for my son. Obviously his wardrobe is still half half, I still like spending money on him to have the Nike shoes and nice clothes for special occasions but then all his second hand clothes are for daycare or if I know we are going to the park and I don’t want him dirty his nice clothes.

Other places I love to shop around for are

• Facebook market- if you really hunt you can find some great stuff for your kids that some haven’t even been used or warm.

• Sunday markets- I shop not for clothes but for all Lorenzo’s children books! Again it is really hit and miss but if you really hunt you can find some great books and as a teacher this is definitely a useful tip for the kids at work and my son.

I would love to know if you’ve tried thrift shopping for your kids clothes or what’s your views on this!?

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