Why I choose childcare for my baby

I’ve actually been asked this question recently by a fellow parent, she asked me if I thought “preschool was really worth it at such a young age?” To me it was just a natural step my mother put me into daycare when I was six weeks old and I work at the daycare my son attends. But I had to really stop and think about this question and put my “educator” feelings aside and put my “parent” hat on.

When I first went back to work I only put my son in daycare part time and he would spend the other days at home with his grandmother or Aunty Amy “my sister.” Just because I work in childcare doesn’t mean I wanted him in five days a week straight away. And even me working in the same building I still found it hard and cried like a baby. But after a year of part time daycare and part time at home I got to see the difference and make a decision.

Lorenzo started daycare at jus five months old. He wasn’t crawling yet and he had just learnt to sit up on his own. But after a month of being around older babies that had already been crawling he started crawling at six months old.

I found that when Lorenzo was at daycare he began learning so much! He became so independent and so ready for whatever the world throw at him.

The days he was with family I struggled, I would find that he would spend most of his days with just one person at a time and watching tv a lot more then I would of liked and wasn’t learning anything new. But I was also so torn because I loved the days he was with family because I knew he was also getting the one on one time he wasn’t getting at daycare and not to say daycare just doesn’t do that they just have 8 babies with two educators, they just sometimes don’t get the time and that’s ok.

Pros to daycare:

  • Lorenzo has become so smart and well educated he is only 15 months and can say some pretty big words and also count to five. “I’m not even joking I have it on recording.” Check out my instagram.
  • He is way more social and out going- before daycare he was such a shy kid and would only go up to people he saw all the time. Now he smiles at everyone.
  • Very comfortable in his own skin! Very cheeky
  • Making friends and connecting
  • So much for Lorenzo to do and play and at his daycare they have a bush kindy program so he even gets to go out and explore nature and be free! I love this! It’s probably my favourite part about his daycare.

Cons when it comes to daycare:

  • Lorenzo has been sick so much in the last two years and sometimes I’ve felt he’s away more then he is at daycare. Sometimes this has been hard on our two working parent household.
  • Shares his time with educators doesn’t get that one on one time as much.

Pros to having Lorenzo with family:

  • Bonding time and staying connected with family.
  • Being around people I know and trust
  • Didn’t cost anything compared to daycare, I only ever paid and provided food and nappies etc.
  • One on one time
  • Consistent
  • Cons having Lorenzo with family:
    • Misses out on educational activities
      Missing out on being social and making friends.
      No set routine and just does whatever works for granny that day.
      Puts too much pressure on other family members

    After having Lorenzo part time in daycare last year, this year we moved him to full time daycare. Again I’ve been a massive difference in my son and now that he’s older he was getting too much for my mother and sister to keep up with “toddlers are a handful.”

    Would love to here other parents thoughts? Even if you disagree I would still love to here why!

    Also if you guys would love for me to write about something in particular or want to here more off please feel free to leave a comment down below!

    Mummy shark 😘

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