Food shopping with me

Come food shopping with me and see how I decide what to make each week for my toddler and family.

First things first I make a shopping list. I usually put this in my notes on my phone the morning off shopping day. I look in the house to see what we need or what we are low in and then I look in my cook books for inspiration and also Pinterest!

My two cook books that I turn too a lot lately is my women’s weekly children’s cook book and hubby and I are trying to get really healthy so I’ve been using our low carb every day cook book.

Once I’ve got a idea of what I’ll be making I start to make my lists which I break down one by one.

I find this helps me stay on track with what I need and not buying heaps of crappy foods my family doesn’t need. And I’ve broken it down into not only household areas but at my local food shop how the layout is.

How do you guys make your shopping list?

I go food shopping on a Friday night every fortnight around 7pm this is after I’ve put my son to sleep i go out and I go food shopping, I love going around this time because it’s not busy and it’s stress free without the hubby or toddler attached to me. It’s my alone time I actually enjoy.

I also always shop at coles! My whole life my family has shopped at coles and I don’t why but it’s a weird thing I now do too. I’ve actually never done a full food shop at Woolworths! My hubby finds this weird but I guess you could say I’m sticking to my family roots!

After I’ve gone shopping I break up all the meat into little packs for example one box of mince makes up two dinners for my little family. Once I’ve done this and put them away I’m done.

How do you guys like doing your food shop?

Mummy shark 😘

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