Having a toddler is hard

Boy oh boy what have I got myself into is what I think 50% of my time and the other 50% is spent wanting baby number two!?

Remember when you didn’t have kids and you could eat your own food without sharing or hiding?

Remember when you could pee in private and have the door closed?

Remember when you got a full night sleep and that was after going to bed past midnight?

Now remember back to when you found out your expecting

You remember feeling excitement

You remember thinking you’ve got this girl!

Remember saying to your friend after seeing a child have a melt down in public over something so small and laughing and saying my child won’t do that!

Now remember the newborn stage!

Remember crying over lack of sleep and frustration

Remember thinking I can’t wait until I’m out of the newborn stage and my child can walk around it will be so much fun!

And to now the toddler stage, the stage hubby and I couldn’t wait for. The stage we thought we would love so much!

Oh boy oh boy did we have this all backwards.

Don’t get me wrong I love motherhood, I love my son so much and am so thankful everyday to be a mother! But boy do I wish sometimes he didn’t grow up so fast or that I just enjoyed that baby stage a little longer.

Because not going to lie sometimes my son is a little shit! I’ve had two cases of him coming home from daycare and he has bitten a child, I’ve been in that awkward stand where your child just pulled the other child’s hair in front of that child’s parent… yep that happened! I’ve been at restaurants and my son just wasn’t having a bar of it and feeling so embarrassed! Yep that’s me..

I’m in the toddler stage and it’s a love hate relationship for me. I love that my son is so grown up and does these cute things but I also hate when he throws his head mid tantrum because I took something off him or his food is all gone or he’s tired.

Having a toddler is like having a jack in the box. One minute they are so chill and calm and next it’s BAM! 💥 they have a full blown tantrum over something so small.

again if your reading this and can’t relate then I’m so happy for you but this isn’t the blog for you. But also is there such thing as a perfect toddler?

After getting told my child had bitten for the second time in a row I actually broke down crying in front of his teacher, and hopefully I’m not the first parent to do so or have a child who has bitten. But yes I cried and I remember feeling at a loss on what to do and how to handle this? And again if you don’t have kids I’m sorry this isn’t the blog for you because until you have a child you actually have no idea even if you think you do… you don’t.

I asked his teacher what I should do, I remember her response being so calm and all she said was it was perfectly normal, yet I’m standing there thinking of a “I’m sorry fruit basket” to the other parent or a I’m sorry letter and then thinking of how to deal with this and low key freaking out. And again yes I’m a educator and your all probably wondering why I’m freaking out I should have my crap together.. and again until you have a child yourself it’s a totally different thing, you actually have no clue! So yes until I had a child I honestly was one of those people “the people all mothers hate because they give you advice even when they don’t have a child.” Yes I was one of those and all I can say now is I’m very sorry for being one of those people.

Anyway yes the teacher was so calm and said all kids go through this stage of testing the boundaries and seeing what they can and can’t get away with. This was not the response I was hoping to get to be honest this was the response educators give out to avoid the topic… but it turns out it was actually a response, my child is actually trying to test the waters and see what he can and can’t do. Also I’ve learnt it’s a boredom response from my child. So after feeling like a shitty parent because I really thought I had “that” kid for a week I’ve learnt this is just the toddler stage. This is just a new reason why having a toddler is hard work!

Also put your hand up if your in the in between stage like me and what this means is you have a toddler who can walk and say some words but when your child really wants something you have no idea what he’s saying.

but with all of this comes all the good.

Having a toddler is hard work but I love the kisses my son gives me or the cuddles when I ask for one.

Having a toddler means listening to that endless laugh and then trying over and over again to keep making them laugh because you love it so much.

Having a toddler means endless mess with endless fun.

What are some of the toddler stories you’ve been through.

Mummy shark 😘

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Blog Meets Brand

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