Oh Pacifier how I’ll miss you so!?

Oh the subject I’ve avoided and the thing stuck to my toddlers face for far too long. For so long I’ve had everyone around me nagging me to get rid of the pacifier from my son and he’s getting too attached. And for so long I just couldn’t break his little heart. Now he’s 15 months and I truly know it’s time to say goodbye but dam it breaks my heart.

After much conversation with the hubby we both agreed it was 100% time to let go for good but we just don’t know how! We have asked for advice from our parent friends and all have said different things. So we thought why not try them all!

step one: find a new comforter like a lovely I’ve seen this in nearly every “try to get your baby off the dummy” blogs and they say to give dummy and a lovely together and slowly take away the dummy once your child has attached to the lovely.

So Hayden and I went out and bought a lovely or comfort toy whatever you want to call it!?

We have slowly been keeping this in his cot with him at every sleep.

Step two: only give dummy for rest time.. this one was so hard for me not so much hubby but definitely his mumma. I just can’t say no to his beautiful face! My boy definitely has his mummy wrapped around his finger. But yes you guessed it I eventually have been getting there and boy oh boy is it hard. When we go out I don’t even bring his dummy and I always say goodbye to his dummy when he wakes and leave it in his cot so he understands it stays in his cot.

Step two has been proven the hardest because me the mumma the boss! Gives into my 15 month old and I know I shouldn’t and I know that once I stick to step number two he will eventually stop the crying for it. How did you mumma’s deal with this!? Because it’s breaking my heart.

Step three: finally say our goodbyes to the dummy. Telling Lorenzo a week before they all get taken away that “the wiggles” he loves the wiggles are coming when he is sleeping to pick up all his dummies for children that really need them. Then actually doing this and throwing them all out and saying goodbye to them forever. I’ve decided by throwing them all out and going cold turkey is what I need to do because I know if I at least keep one of them im going to give him that one dummy. But by doing this both Lorenzo and I have to just suck it up and move on with our lives.

We have decided that the wiggles will leave a gift to say thank you for giving up all his dummies but we haven’t decided on what that is yet? We are thinking a night light or a Emma wiggle doll to cuddle in his cot. He loves Emma wiggle!

What have my fellow mum friends done to finally kick the dummy away. Or what age did you guys try and did it work? I would love to here your thoughts also I have left a question about this on my instagram if you want to answer there.

Mummy shark 😘

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