household Tips for busy mums

Although I’m still considered as a ” fresh” mumma with only have a 15 month old, I’ve been back at work and being a mumma since my son was five months and when it comes to juggling motherhood with everything else I think I’ve mastered that pretty well.

Here are just a few of my busy mum tips that I use daily and they help so much!

  • The first one is pretty simple that I think doesn’t need any explanation but I always pack the night before. If I know we have something planned a night before or on daycare days I always pack the night before.
  • I always prepare my foods the beginning of the week, for example I cut up all my veggies and separate them and put them back in the fridge so for the night I choose a veggie it’s already cut up and I just have to cook it. This saves so much time during dinner time and it’s so easy.
  • It’s getting cooler here in Australia as it’s hitting winter, on work days I’ve been bringing out the slow cooker and getting dinner ready in the morning so when I come home it’s cooked and ready to go, I always do this if I’m on a later shift and I know I’ll be home late.
  • I’ve sorted out Lorenzo’s clothes draws in a way I can just quickly grab and go, his top draw is tops, middle draw is pants and third draw is pjs.
  • Having a cleaning check list has helped me stay on top of the everyday household chores and keep my house nice and clean. And for this busy working mum has been a lifesaver.
  • It’s so helpful having routine in my house, we have set times we know our son is going down for a nap or sleep and we work around that. Routine is what keeps us going strong in my household.
  • Clean as you go! I know this one seems like a given but what i mean is I clean the bathroom well I’m in the bathroom, or I clean the shower after I’ve had a shower or even if I’m in the shower, I know that sounds weird but sometimes it’s actually the only time I get to clean my shower and bath because it’s usually the last thought.
  • I set aside a hour a night I put my phone away and I turn on the tv and I make sure hubby and i are very present with our son, this is usually before dinner and we read a book to Lorenzo or play with his toys with him. This is my favourite time and a great tip to remember what’s really important and that’s my family.
  • I shop online or I go to the shops at night once my son is sleeping. Who wants to waste time at the shops on the weekends fighting crowds and dealing with people.
  • What works best for your household! Ours are definitely these time saving tips and it’s definitely my best friend. We find a routine is key during the week, I have a set time I start getting dressed for work in the morning so that I have time to get Lorenzo ready on weekends we don’t have a routine and just go with the flow although Lorenzo definitely still has a sleeping routine of course.
  • Mummy shark 😘
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