Mother’s Day

My second Mother’s Day celebrations with my little family. I didn’t know what to expect this year as we have so much family stuff going on!?

My grandmother was diagnosed with vascular dementia in late January this year. Since this it’s been very up & down with what mood she will be in. I sometimes almost feel like I’m walking on egg shells with her right now.

So you can only imagine what was going through my head when I thought Mother’s Day plans. We planned a very low key event which was getting pizza and sitting around the table for lunch as family. Something that was stress free and easy to clean.

This is just a little flash back of my grandmother and I.

My morning started with toast for brekky and a cheeky smile from my son. We didn’t dress us this year as it was a very low key Mother’s Day compared to our normal family lunches with food and drinks.

When we arrived at my grandparents my grandmother was actually in a great mood. For the day it felt like she was back to her old happy self and no amount of sickness was going to bring her down. It was so nice to just sit and ask her how she’s going and actually ask how she’s really really going.

It was quite sad to here she doesn’t get out much as she used too and spends most of her days at home in her chair. So I’m so happy to being having two weeks off work very soon so I’m definitely going to be spending time with my grandmother during these two weeks.

I can’t wait to spend time cooking with her just like old times. Sometimes it’s so hard to work full time and not be able to spend a lot of time with her as much as I should be doing.

So these two weeks will be just what we need.

So although my Mother’s Day was uneventful and not really exciting it was a great day of making more memories with my grandmother and that’s what’s Mother’s Day is all about.

After our long day lorenzo passed out in the car and this is me just singing along well stuck in the car!

Mummy shark 😘

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