Baby number two!?

Wow how I honestly thought this wasn’t a conversation of topic for me or hubby any time soon but it has some how become the main goal…

this year for us when it comes to finance and planning baby number two we always said we want to be more money smart for our second child. With Lorenzo we have always been ” we will cross that bridge when it comes” even with money! And although it worked it was super stressful for me.

For baby number two I want to take a full year off or at least six months. Which over here in Australia how it works is for a full time employee ( myself) I get only 18 weeks paid mat leave. So after those 18 weeks are up I don’t have any income coming in from my part and it’s all on my hubby to provide for us all.

So with all that said I still want to take longer then 18 weeks off work and I want to enjoy my baby cuddles for longer, this means saving money for those months. Having a back up savings account that’s only for when I’m on mat leave. But as for how much we want to save for this is yet to be worked out and also how long we will have to be saving for.

On top of financial aid for baby number two, it all depends work. I’ve had to start from the bottom again and work my way back up and prove myself at work and I don’t want all that hard work to go un noticed because I fall pregnant again and have to start all over again. Obviously this effects our plans. At the end of every year that’s when we know what will happen the following year ( educator life.) it goes by school terms. So I won’t know until late November this year where I’ll be next year. So of course falling pregnant right this second is just not ideal situation for me right now.

Our third and final goal for baby number two is to have time for both of our children. Lorenzo is 15 months and started to become a hard toddler, we will be toilet training this year and transitioning him from the cot, dummy and milk soppy cup very soon. Adding a baby into that madness would be the worst thing because I will be losing all my focus on Lorenzo and will be splitting it between two children and Lorenzo is just at that age where he needs all of his mother and not 50%.

After all this we have decided to start putting away extra money here and there, we have decided on a agreement with the what if’s when it comes to my work at the end of this year and we have decided to talk about what it means to bring in a second child for our family.

I guess you could say we have our pro’s and con’s list and we are making goals for the next step into our family future.

But for right this second we are happy being a family of four ( 3 humans and 1 dog)

Mummy shark 😘

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