Mummy lost to a dummy

How is the no dummy unless it’s in your cot going you ask!? Well judging by the title you can see not so great!

Now I didn’t exactly fail I just am on a break from it right now. We started off to well! Yes he cried.. a lot! But it lasted three days max and he eventually stopped looking for the dummy and you could see massive improvements with his speech!

Then he found a hidden dummy πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

And no I didn’t hide a dummy in a place he could find, I actually had no clue of this such hidden dummy.. turns out my very smart one year old had been hiding dummies and remembering exactly where he left them. And me lost mummy always freaked out and would go crazy because he had no dummy so I would go to my secret stash ” on top of the fridge.” To get one. Yes that’s right my son played me for a fool.

And you wouldn’t believe where he would find them!? Kitchen pantry with food, our dryer, bathroom draws, inside shoes in our shoe basket, with our dogs food!? We even found one out the front in our Little Rock garden.

Once he kept finding dummies and putting them in his mouth I eventually throw that whole towel and I was done!

So yes I caved and did the big NO NO in the parenting book and let my toddler run the household.. I know I know how dumb of me because now I’ve got a bigger fight of no dummy ahead of me!

But where do parents draw the line? I’m sorry but how do parents drive in the car with no dummy or iPad!? I’m sure if I took a vote most parents have just given a iPad to your children in the car and trust me I’ve almost been broken and highly highly considered this. Specially when my toddler was screaming in the car on the way to work and I can’t pull over.

My next option was food! I actually have a tub of dried foods “crackers” in my car for desperate moments… now I’m just over feeding my toddler to keep them quiet in the car.

So yes the dummy made in back into our lives and I’ve got mixed messages about it. I tried and I tried so hard to cut the dummy but maybe my son needs just needs that level of comfort right now and when he turns two I will go cold turkey with the dummy.

How have you guys cut the dummy habit and at what age?


One thought on “Mummy lost to a dummy

  1. Every child is different, what does it matter if he wants to hold on to his dummy a bit longer, who is it going to hurt? I think give yourself a break, you’re doing an amazing job. Small steps at a time helps.
    In terms of car entertainment, you can try listening to nursery rhymes, or an insight mirror, this worked wonders with my son.


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