Guest bedroom turned playroom

We are very lucky to have a 3 bedroom house and with that being said we used to just have our third bedroom into our let’s just put a whole heap of crap we don’t use and shut the door room.

I’ve been obsessed with that show tidy up on Netflix and although I don’t have time to fold my clothes a certain way before putting them into the draw I have done a massive clean up of my whole house which I’ve broken down into room by room blogs.

I think our third bedroom was the biggest task because our wardrobe had all files, photos and suitcases as well as all of Lorenzo’s old baby furniture he has grown out of saved for baby number two.

I didn’t take a photo of before but I did take a photo of in between process and with that being said I did make a mess to clean it all up! And the room definitely didn’t look like this it’s just how I clean.

This was the before! I’ve thrown clothes on the floor we have old of Lorenzo’s toys just shoved in the room! It was bad!!!

The madness to my brain is that if I shove everything in the middle of the room or it used to be if I put everything on my bed as a teen cleaning my room, I have no choice but to clean it because I need to sleep at night. I know this sounds crazy but it works for me to stop being lazy.

With that being said this project took a few days, we had lots of baby clothes that no longer fit Lorenzo, clothes that I no longer fit etc. all clean because obviously I’ve washed them and because they don’t fit rather putting them in a bag I’ve put them on the couch in our guest room. So it was finally time to put the clothes in a bad and take them to my friend who’s mother has just started up a home for young women with babies trying to get away from a bad environment. It’s such a amazing cause and I ended up giving most of the baby stuff to them.

I definitely encourage finding places like these in your local area to give love and help by donating whatever you can because any little help is always needed.

Once the room was cleaned out and items packed away in the shed or given to a better home it was finally time to work my magic on the room.

I still wanted it to be a guest room but I wanted it to be Lorenzo’s room as well.

So naturally I went on Pinterest to come up with ideas. And the most relatable that doesn’t take to much time was blow up double mattress packed away in the wardrobe and having a couch as well.

For Lorenzo’s playroom I knew I wanted to have his reading books in this room and his puzzles. I found a old coffee table that was a good high and perfect for Lorenzo’s reading / puzzle table.

Then I wanted to make a fun area for him to have open space to play with his blocks and cars but also something easy to move and lay down a mattress when guests come to visit.

So I bought a small bucket from Kmart to only put some of his toys in and I brought in his block table he got from Santa in the room. Toys that are easy to clean ” easy to get Lorenzo to clean up after himself.” And have room in the wardrobe when the room is turned into a guest room.

Everything has a place and the room is now turned into a duel room being guests and play!

I definitely wished I had done this sooner and our living room didn’t get so trashed with toys and countless nights cleaning it up!

Do your children have a playroom and if so what’s your favourite thing about it?

Not just a regular mum 💌

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