The love of a grandfather

Growing up my dad was my everything I looked up to him in so many ways and loved our many trips to sea world, or south bank in the city or visiting new places.

When I first found I was pregnant and I told my parents my father had the biggest smile on his face and proceeded to tell me about how just the other day at work a few of the guys asked when was he going to be a grandfather and he told them not for a while he thought. He laughed with his smile on his face and said ” I’ll have to go into work and tell him otherwise.”

When Lorenzo was born my father took a month off to work to help me out as hubby had to go back to work straight away because Lorenzo was two weeks late.

Unfortunately my parents missed out on raising a son of their own so naturally I was a little scared to see both my mum and dad with a boy. But watching my dad grow into being a grandfather has been the best experience I’ve ever watched and I’m getting very emotional writing this.

Watching Lorenzo and dad bond is the best feeling in the world there bond is so special. The way my son lights up as soon as my dad walks into the room. The way they both kick the soccer ball around the house a game that Lorenzo only seems to play with his grandad. The way my son say “pa” because he can’t say grandpa yet melts my heart.

My dad recently told me that all his police metals are going to be given to Lorenzo and that he saved all his name tags for him as well was the sweetest moment shared between him and Lorenzo.

Lorenzo has been our angel baby from day one with bringing out the very best of our “sometimes extra” family.

I’m so lucky to call him dad and my son is extra lucky to call him grandpa.

Not just a regular mum 💌

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