What’s in my mummy bag

I’ve done a what’s in my baby bag but never a what’s in my mummy bag which is also just a fancy way of saying what’s in my handbag that has no toddler related items.

First off I’m going to start off by saying I’m a handbag girl which I 100% Balme my older sister for this bag addiction… but since having Lorenzo I’ve definitely been down on my handbag game for a long time until this baby came into my life and I must say you definitely appreciate the nicer things when it’s taken you longer and time to have them rather just getting it for the sake of it.

Meet my mummy handbag she’s a backpack and I love her.

I normally have heaps more stuff but today I didn’t… my purse is from minco, that’s my puffer that I have two that I have to carry everywhere so I have one on me and one at home, of course you need mints for times in need and then I have this cute little token bag.

This is what my cute little token bag holds. Perfume, body spray, lip balm because in winter I get really red raw lips when the wind hits, hand wash because well I’m a mum do I need to say anything more and of course lipgloss.

Having a toddler this has also become my baby bag where all I need to pack for Lorenzo if it’s a short trip is 3 pull ups , wipes and one spare outfit. He’s pretty easy to pack for now days.

What do you keep in your mummy bags?

Not just a regular mum 💌

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