Parenting with god

I’ve grown up with a very catholic background and when I was pregnant I wanted my son to have those same catholic experience as I have.

When I was younger I definitely felt forced to have faith and attend church and I did go through a stage of not believing which I think every child who grows up around the church environment will experience this at one stage of their life. But then when I become a mum I actually didn’t realise how much I wanted to teach my son about god and try and keep these family memories of church at Easter, Christmas mass alive.

One of my favourite family memories growing up was on Christmas Eve going to my grandparents church and having mass but before church they always had a petting zoo and mass was always held on the grass outside for a relaxing family feel. It was always so fun for my sisters and I because we knew that going home meant going to sleep for “Santa”

Growing my son up in the Catholic Church is very important to my mother and her mum and my other grandmother so of course it’s important to me to respect these family values. In saying this both hubby and I have agreed that once Lorenzo gets to a age we’re he can make decisions for himself and if he decides that church is not for him we will respect his wishes because I know first hand what it feels like to be forced to go to church on Sunday when I didn’t want to be there But until he is at the age to make a choice for himself Lorenzo will be attending Sunday mass with me.

Not just a regular mum 💌

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