Did I expect parenting to be like this?

Lorenzo Robert C is the light of our world, he may look like his daddy but his random personality is definitely from his mumma. Some days I wake up and still can’t believe I have a toddler and a pretty cute one even when he’s upset or angry.

When I was pregnant I think I was living a little bit in la la land but for the most part this is exactly how I pictured motherhood. Of course I had no idea to the full extent of just how much I would miss sleep and not waking to a child cry but I’m also at that stage where I can’t imagine living in my house without a child running around.

But in saying all this I definitely thought I would be more put together when it came to parenthood I’m a list kind of girl who plans ahead and wow did that all change when I became a mum. Every day is different and never the same I can never plan a week ahead because things change. For example I was meant to see one of my best friends this weekend but unexpectedly both I and Lorenzo got the flu so our plans changed.

my expectations of how I would parent have completely changed as well, when I was pregnant I thought I wanted my son to stay away from technology and eat rather healthy 99% of the time. Now I have a toddler who when I’m waiting in line to pay for something and I’m by myself yes he is sitting there watching the wiggles or some child related show. Thankfully my son and my expectations on healthy eating are pretty consistent my son formed a milk allergy from birth and now is almost two and unfortunately still has it. We are 50% of the time a gluten and dairy free household. But we are also that household that if my son wants chicken nuggets he gets chicken nuggets.

also my expectations of working full time and being a mother are so unrealistic that when I did eventually return to work full time I got a massive wake up call! Turns out when you leave to have a baby and when you come back you have to work your way back up to top and this takes time. I also learnt that work comes second and my family comes first which yes seems like a logical thing to say but for me this was very hard to adjust too.

These are just a few of the things that I expected but of course my eyes were opened to the world of motherhood. But as I’m writing this blog I am feeling all the feels in the world because even tho motherhood has been a complete life changing experience I’ve loved it so much.

The way my son loves his daddy and their bond is like no other.

Or the way my relationship with Hayden has become so much stronger as we have learnt how to parent together and become a team.

The way Lorenzo blows you kisses goodbye or gives a cuddle and is so sweet and shows a soft side “sometimes”

The way when my son is sick he’s attached to me and only wants his mummy melts my heart and I enjoy every sick cuddle because one day he won’t want them anymore.

Or just how much Lorenzo has brought our families together has been amazing. Motherhood is nothing I would of imagined or expected but it’s definitely 200% better then ever.

I’m thankful for motherhood it’s changed me as a person so much I’m so many ways and I’m forever greatful.

Not just a regular mum πŸ’Œ

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