Our baby box

When I was pregnant with Lorenzo I began planning out a box that one day when he’s older I would pass it down to him. In my head his baby box would be full of keep sake items and something that one day he will continue doing with his own children.

Being a mother has filled me with so much joy and passion, growing up unfortunately I didn’t have the best relationship with my mother which wasn’t her fault nor mine but I didn’t see this all until this past year or so, unfortunately my mother has been battling a few issues for years and I was in my own little bubble not noticing anything until I became a mother myself ” or just a year old and wiser”

I made a list of all the things I wanted to make sure I do with my kids that I unfortunately missed on things that seem so little and most families do them yet I missed out on little simple things like I love you before tucking my son into bed, hugs and kisses, reading a story to son before bed every night. These little things I’ve all missed out on growing up I don’t know if it’s because I’ve come from a big family and unfortunately I’ll never know why. But it stops with me and my son will always be told how much I love him, kisses on the cheek until he’s older and doesn’t want them anymore “that will be a sad day” and bedtime stories as a family.

But back to the baby box, when I was pregnant this was something I wanted to do. So I began saving things that had importance such things like our medical forms from the hospital our son was born at, all our scans of Lorenzo, every photo of my bump growing.

I’ve kept all medical scans when pregnant with Lorenzo.

All the congratulations cards from family and friends for him

All the medical forms from the hospital check ups.

His first ever outfit

And his first beanie that was given from the hospital.

I inked his baby foot when he was seven weeks old for a keep saker.

All the predictions for the baby cards

His coming home outfit

His hospital tags

His first ever Christmas photo with Santa

A family book from his dad side of the family that has been passed down the line.

His baptism candle and paper work

we also have personal photos and keep sakes and his baby book and even personal hand written letters from both me and his dad on his first birthday and when I was pregnant.

I would love to know if anyone else has done something similar as well?

Not just a regular mum πŸ’Œ

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