My son and his heart murmur

When Lorenzo was 11 months old a routine check up at our local doctors turned into seeing a pediatric cardiologist for future testing.

Now if your like me and didn’t know much about what a heart murmur really is then I’ll break it down for you quickly. A heart murmur is when your heart beats 60 to 120 times every minute but each heart beat has a different sound the first sound is what a normal heart beat should sound like and the second sound is a flowing kind of sound of the valves closing with the blood flow.

But heart murmurs in young children are becoming more and more common and usually nothing to be worried about.

When we first found out my son had a heart murmur I definitely was worried I didn’t know too much about what it was and I decided to turn to google. “I highly don’t recommend’

Lorenzo’s heart murmur is hereditary which his dad had growing up and also his dad. So Lorenzo just got lucky and got passed down the gene as well. After seeing the cardiologist and having a long chat with my local doctor Lorenzo’s heart murmur is nothing to be worried about and just like his dad he will most likely grow out of it and doesn’t need check ups. This was great news for a mum who was overly worried and google didn’t help.

The only thing I worry about and it’s just me being a over the top parent is when Lorenzo gets sick I do like to take him to the local doctor and not wait it out to always just be on the safe side and for me it’s just reassuring knowing my local doctor always listens out for his heart murmur and double checks every time as well. I guess you could say this is how I cope with it. And yes I know my son is perfectly fine and healthy I’m just being over the top as per usual.

Not just a regular mum πŸ’Œ

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