My go to mum podcasts

My love for podcasts have recently become a big thing and I’ve found a few that are parenting related that I love and want to share.

My first question is does anyone else love to listen to podcasts? If so when you do find the best time?

I love to listen to a good podcast when I’m cooking dinner in the kitchen I’ll have one on in the background, or most of the time when I run a bath and have some me time. A lot of feedback I’ve gotten back is that at the gym or in the car are people’s favourite time but I honestly tried but I really need music when I’m driving!

Now my first one is by Lauren Conrad and yes she used to be on the hills and I was obsessed but now she’s a business owner and mother who talks about everything. From social media to motherhood. She’s definitely a personal choice to listen too and won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

My second favourite is Sadie Robertson podcasts I love them! She’s so raw and real and that’s what really grabs me in podcasts! It’s not about the product it’s about what you talk about and how it’s related to me..

I’ve been listening to the show and tell podcast forever now and it’s run three women who are mothers and they have guest speakers on there podcasts who share their stories down from bullying to working and parenting. Again it’s a real and honest podcast.

Lessons is a podcast run by husband and wife and I actually love it! They have a range of guest speakers and talk about stuff from relationships to goal settings.

Jay shetty makes probably the most catchy podcasts for me. He is so inspirational I can’t stop listening.

A new one I’ve just added to my list is a mummy from YouTube Keiara Moore. And again very real and very raw and I love it!

I’m very selective with my podcasts and why I chose to listen to them. I’m a mother and I work full time I want to listen to people who I can relate too, someone I can understand and someone that will motivate me to be a better me.

If you listen to podcasts and think I might like yours or to listen to yours please leave a comment down below I would love to listen to a few new ones as I always mix it up and listen to all of them.

Not just a regular mum mum 💌

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