The way you parent

On one of my mornings getting ready for work I put on a podcast and it really just spoke to me, it was as if my brain told me to pick that particular podcast and it was right.

The podcast was all about being a mum to boys and parenting and getting frustrated because her son wouldn’t sit still at the dinner table. She then had an eye open and realised that kids brains work differently and that sitting still for long period of times isn’t how there mind works. ” I highly recommend their podcast”

When they were speaking one of the women brought up a lady by the name of Maggie dent and how she had just gone to one of her parenting speaking nights and it basically changed how she parents. Me being a new mother I had no idea who Maggie dent was until now.

Maggie dent is a mother of four boys and has written countless parenting books and has a podcast herself among other social media’s.

after watching countless videos about Maggie dent speaking about parents getting frustrated down too how to calm down when your in that moment with your child I think I’m in love! The way I choose to see how I parent my son has completely changed in just a few hours.

one thing I knew but I guess needed to here that the age between 2-4 is the age for children finding their feet in the world and testing the boundaries and that all apart of them learning and developing. But yet as a parent it’s still so frustrating and hearing the word “no” from my son or shake his head no in that moment he does something or I want him to do something still annoys me.

But out of all the things she said the one that struck a cord with me was all about “love” and is my child reacting and acting out because we are not giving him all our focus and he feels like his love cup isn’t full. And at first I thought no that can’t be it… I remember at nights when I’m making dinner and he’s at my toes begging to be picked up by me and in those moments I get so frustrated because I’m trying to make dinner for us or our normal routine of daycare home, dinner, bath & bed. Maybe he’s bored.

All these little things I didn’t think of before and now always on my mind. So to say things have changed so much in our household is a understatement now our son is our number one priority, of course he always was but now we look at things through his eyes rather our own.

being a new parent I’m still learning and that’s ok but I’m so thankful I have found Maggie dent because whenever I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed in my parenting decisions I always can just listen to her “voice of reason.” And feel calm and have a better understanding.

For anyone who is also feeling overwhelmed or like you are losing control just like I was I highly recommend listening to Maggie dent she’s amazing women full of wise words. I’ll leave the link for her page down below.

also if your a mother to a little boy just like me you need to check out this podcast and have a listen.

Not just a regular mum 💌

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