No more bullsh*t parenting

My son is now one and half, I officially have a toddler and I finally feel like I have my feet grounded into motherhood.

When I first entered motherhood I found it to be very challenging and I was very overwhelmed for the most part. Social media has so much say into how people parent and the do’s and don’t. I remember when I first gave birth to my son and tried to breastfeed, if you haven’t had a read of my breastfeeding journey I’ll leave a link down below. But long story short I unfortunately couldn’t breastfeed for long and eventually had to turn to full time formula feeds and this broke me, all you see on social media is women taking to breastfeeding with ease and when I was pregnant that’s all i hoped for. When I couldn’t breastfeed anymore I felt like I had failed, I was ashamed to tell people my son was no longer breastfeeding. I look back on my breastfeeding journey and I laugh how I thought it was going to be this easy natural journey for me and in reality it wasn’t and I also strongly believe more women need to be educated about breastfeeding and just having helpful tips and advice to make the journey smoother for women is very much needed.

a year has passed and I had no idea about my son who was soon after I stopped breastfeeding having a dairy allergy and also very bad colic but I think this is where more women need to be honest, real & raw about all this and stop sugar coating things on social media.

Honestly I’m that friend that tells their pregnant friend the truths but also isn’t that annoying women who tells them everything because i know every birth and child is different.

When I follow other mothers on Instagram I look for the real women, I look for the accounts that they post the good, bad & ugly sides of parenting. I wish people shared more of the real and honest side of transitioning into parenthood and not make it look so glamorous. I love being Lorenzo’s mother and I’ve learnt about strengths I didn’t even know I had and fears I didn’t know existed but when did it become so taboo to not be real about how different your life will become once you add a child into your world.

Transitioning into parenthood is this wonderful but super terrifying all at the same time your whole world changes! The way you think, the way you feel and the way you act. I’m only young I’m 25 and I’ve had to grow up heaps since being a mother. Yes I was already mature but I mean like I had to really really grow up! I had to stop leaving the washing pile up and actually do it and hang it out to dry, I had to learn how to cook food which I used to only cook basic stuff but having a son who is on a dairy free diet makes you have to really think about what to cook before cooking.

I had to learn to be me again and not just a mother but add a little bit of me before kids and a me now with a kid. I had to learn how to love Hayden because even that changes when you become a parent. There’s actually so much that changes that most people don’t see on social media but I’m thankful that more and more women are sharing more of the real life stuff and not making parenthood out to be all rainbows and sunshine’s because that’s only about 30% of parenting and the other 50% is the real stuff the my child pooped in the bath, threw a tantrum in public kinda parenting!

My breastfeeding struggle

Not just a regular mum 💌

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