Big boy bed

Hello firstly it’s been a while I’m sorry I’ve had some pretty big family stuff going on and had to take a little break but I’m back!

Well on the break from social media our son has gone through some pretty big changes in his life and one of which was transitioning him to a bug boy bed!

And I’m happy to report after lots of fighting for the first nights he finally sleeps happily in his bed without being patted to sleep.

When we first brought the big boy bed I made it known to him, we showed him the bed then took him shopping to pick out bed sheets and pillow cases. He picked the sharks because he loves baby shark.

I think making a big deal “in a good way.” Helped him go from cot to bed in just a week.

Don’t get me wrong the first few nights where hell. He would get up and out and I would be always walking in and out we even brought the cot back into the room for a just in case, thankful we didn’t need it and it’s now safely gone.

At daycare we made sure that he also made that transfer from the cot to a bed and again this helped us so much!

After a week he was walking himself to bed and tucking himself in and we just kiss him good night and shut the door and he sleeps so well. He does wake up at night but we give him five minutes of cuddles in our bed and then he’s back into his.

I’m so proud of my baby boy and I’m so happy the transfer from cot to bed was a lot smoother than what I thought it would be like.

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