Our big one year old

Every month until Lorenzo was one I blogged his milestones and loved them, I was sitting down writing in my journal of blog topics I want to cover, and I actually just want to give you all a general life update on my son because I think he’s changing so much and has done so much since turning 12 months.

Lorenzo Robert C. Is 19 months old for those technical people.. but we just say one. As a teacher I’ve always been on Lorenzos milestones and making sure he meets them.

Gross motor:

  • • can walk up and down with ease.√
  • Can walk up and down stairs with help.√
  • Can throw a ball overhead.√
  • Jump in one spot. √
  • Run.√

I follow a milestone check list and Lorenzo is actually at a two years level which are.

  • Walks up and down stairs one at a time on his own. √
  • Runs without falling. √
  • Kicks a ball.√

Fine motor:

  • Builds 3-4 block towers.√
  • Turns 3-4 pages in a book.√
  • Scribbles.√
  • Uses cup and spoon. √


  • 10+ words.√
  • Identifies objects and can say what they are.√

Social & cognitive:

  • Has temper tantrums.√√
  • Understands what’s his.√
  • Interacts with others.√


  • Wiggles (Emma wiggle is still his favourite.)
  • Paw patrol
  • Outside play
  • Cars and anything transport
  • Music and dancing
  • Messy play
  • Shoes 😂
  • Rice


  • Being up high
  • Shopping for long periods at a time

Things that we have cut out:

  • His cot is gone and has a big boy bed.
  • His dummy is gone for good.
  • He wears pull ups not nappies and we are slowly transitioning him to the toilet.
  • No bottles only has rice milk with dinner.

Goals we are working on right now.

  • Saying please not (ta) anymore
  • Washing hands before dinner
  • Putting things in the bin
  • Sharing toys.

I’m very happy with where Lorenzo is in the milestone chart and feel lucky so have such a easy first child ( sometimes.)

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