Father’s day

Here in Australia father’s Day is fast approaching and the gift ideas are also fast approaching my mind. If your like me and have no idea what to get your hubby for father’s Day from the “kids” or what to get your father or grandfather then this is the blog for you!

From the kids:

If you have a toddler like myself and feel a little bit limited on what to do the mug ideas are so easy and not costly at all. All you need is a white mug that you can buy from the $2 shop and some markers (special) and masking tape to tape out the words that say dad. Once their done put them in the oven to set and it’s done.

Or something simple is a nice photo or all of my favourite photos of my son and hubby together.

Or if your hubby likes to use the BBQ this apron is a super cute idea and a great way to get the kids involved.

From wife:

For hubby this year I know he really needs a new wallet! Something small and easy to find. I’m thinking of adding a personal touch by having our sons date of birth ingraved onto it.

Or his second gift idea from me if I don’t end up buying the wallet is new shoes something he seems to just go throw more than me.

Or if I just want to keep it really really simple I probably will make a gift box full of some of his favourites

Or a grown up one just for him.

I can’t wait to tell you all what Lorenzo and I eventually go with for a father’s Day gift

Not just a regular mum πŸ’Œ

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