To gender or not!?

Will we find out the gender?

With our first we definitely had to know what the gender will be, we couldn’t wait to go out and buy all new baby items in the colours of the gender and pick names out.

But for our second little jelly bean we are on two minds of if we want to know or not?

I friend of mine didn’t find out for their baby and the photos and her story is amazing and i guess the over all suprise for everyone was an amazing feeling. It’s that kind of feeling that has made me want to not find out…

But hubby really wants a girl now that we have boy and he just needs to know the gender… And also he thinks I won’t last a whole pregnancy not knowing the gender, which he’s probably right but I’m willing to try.

Like everything I do I made a list of pros and cons of finding out the gender and not finding out the gender and here it is.

Pro gender ~

  • Planning everything down to a tee, every detail is checked and done.
  • You can pick out a name
  • Personalise baby items

Pro not finding out ~

  • It’s fun and exciting, the unknown and the suprise at the end will be a feelimg like you’ve never experienced before.
  • Its a experience buying gender neutral, finding pieces you normally wouldn’t pick.
  • Thinking outside the box when it comes to decore in the nursery.

My pro list for the two are kind of the same but the feeling I have towards not finding out rather then finding out is what out ways any pro and con list for me.

With our first we did a fun accoument for our son, and we loved it! We got to experience that and feel all the emotions.

But we have been there done that and now I want to experience the suprise! I want to feel all the emotions at the end and put my hand up in the air like the ending of breakfast club and say I did it!

Hubby and I only want two and we are set on that ( never say never) so this will be out last pregnancy so why not go out with a bang!!

I would love your feedback did you find out or was it a surprise?

Not just a regular mum 💌

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