7 weeks pregnant

I finally feel like this pregnancy is moving along and I’m not stuck in the early weeks anymore, even though I’m only seven weeks.

This pregnancy has already been so different to my last in so many ways. No one tells you that the second time around your Blatter (TMI) is so much weaker… At work I could honestly make a drinking came for my friends. ( Take a shot every time I pee) it’s crazy!!!

Also the dreaming stage is just getting freaky now, when I do remember my dreams it’s only about my grandparents old house which they sold almost ten years ago but I’m remembering the exact furniture etc. The reason I’m finding this weird is because I’ve said from the day we were picking names out for Lorenzo that if I have a girl I’ll name her after my grandmother who is still alive, and that’s who house I’ve been dreaming about. I know it sounds odd and doesn’t mean much and you can believe or choose not too, but for me its almost a sign of a girl…

But if we are also going off signs then i also have this strong feeling about twins which their are no twins in my family history so the lucky hood of that is low… So I guess these are all things I will look back on and go OMG freaky or laugh about in nine months time.

This week my pregnancy app is saying he or she is the size of a blue berry

This week’s symptoms are:

  • My eating habits have changed and some days I’m so hungry I could eat and eat but other days I don’t feel like eating and I’ll have toast for dinner.
  • My boobs are definitely changing and growing
  • Heartburn has come back in full swing! Hits me hard when i roll over in bed at night and I find myself breathing in & out to calm it down.
  • All I do is pee pee pee! I’m officially waking at night to pee!?

The one things I’m beginning to struggle with is definitely balance, I broke down crying this week and found myself shutting the door and going into my room and giving myself time away from my toddler I feel so bad for saying this but the whole point of my blog is that I’ve always wanted to be honest and real! And this week was emotionally draining and physical. My son has become super clingy and always wants to be held which for his this is actually not normally his style he’s always been way too independent. So I don’t know if he is becoming aware of this pregnancy?

But because he’s been super in my face I’ve just needed a break because its all just become too much.

Then on top of my son I work full time a a teacher so I’m with kids every day which is fine it’s just the hard work that comes along with it and it’sva physical. I’m starting to really think about my options of going part time and taking it easy on my body.

Belly update:

I’m honestly hoping for advice my belly huge! I look like in 20 weeks pregnant and I’m only seven!? Is this normal being a second pregnancy.

No matter the top I look huge!

Not just a regular mum 💌

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