Not just a regular mum make-up routine

I thought I would share my morning make-up routine for a normal day at work.

Once my son is sitting on the couch eating his breakfast I begin my getting ready for work routine.

First I do my hair which is pretty basic and just straighten with my front area pinned back.

I break my hair up into different sections and straighten.

Then I get into my makeup! I always being with prime I use “flower hydrating primer.” I love this and definitely think it works for my face which is very dry.

Then I move onto concealer which I need a new one so bad as you can see its very used and loved! It’s the super say 24 hours. And I just apply under my eyes and blend.

Next I do my eyebrows and fill them in, I actually use my brown eyeshadow from the smoky pattelet.

I use a thin fine brush for my eyebrows and this way definitely works for me.

Next I apply my everyday work foundation, I just use the Rimmel brand called ever lasting, I use drug store make-up for work and my good make-up for weekends and special events I don’t want to waste my expensive make-up on working with children all day.

Next I highlight and I use the nude highlight.

Then I do my eyes ” I don’t wear eyeshadow at work.”

Again I use the Rimmel brand it works for my face.

And then a add a little bit of lippy and im good to go and ready for work.

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