12 weeks

This week was a very long week and a very challenging week as well, but i made it to the end of the week and thank goodness for that!

This week my toddler not only has become a very clingy boy towards his mum he’s also been very hard to cope with and when you add pregnancy into the mix, it unfortunately just became a week that I’m glad to be seeing the back end of.

We add a scan for baby again because in our last dating scan my ob could give me a exact date as the baby was small for nine weeks. Thankfully this scan baby is growing and healthy. His or her heartbeat has gone down from 175 to now sitting at 165. In the scan our baby’s head was down low and legs kicking up the top of my belly, little jelly bean kicked out their legs and we got to see how long our baby is and just like daddy and Lorenzo I think it’s a tall long baby just like them, so my kids are one day going to out grow me!

The scan photos aren’t that great because jellybean was moving too much but thankfully we got a nice video.

As for symptoms this week:

  • Definitely can’t eat any fast food without wanting to vomit
  • Still peeing a lot
  • Really dry feeling in my mouth, always wanting water.
  • Heartburn
  • Those veins have popped in the upper chest area nice and blue so my boobs are getting ready for milk.

But this is about it in the symptoms department.

Bump update:

Not just a regular mum 💌

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