Not just a regular Mum’s night routine

Once my toddler has gone to bed this is how I get ready for bed.

First things first I run a bath or have a hot shower.

Then I begin my night routine, I first wash my face and get all that make-up off, my favourite brand to use for my face is called #sukin it’s a all natural brand that helps as I get really dry skin.

Once I’ve washed my face it was time to wash my hair, usually I use the same brand for my hair but I had just ran out of shampoo from #Sukin and hadn’t been to the shops yet.

So tonight I used the #garnier shampoo, which is usually my second go too, makes my hair smell amazing.

Once I’m out of the shower and in my pjs and all dry I rub this hydrating body lotion all over my arms, legs and feet. Then because I am getting stretch marks in this pregnancy I’ve also been rubbing some special cream all over my belly.

And then I hop in bed and spend time on my phone and I’m a sleep by 9 ish most week nights.

Not just a regular mum 💌

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