13 weeks of loving you

I started my 13 week of pregnancy feeling emtional, I’m nothing but so thankful to not only have a healthy son but to be able to experience pregnancy for the second time, I will never take this for granted and even of I was given a horrible pregnancy I will still enjoy every moment of this journey because there’s so many women out there in the world still waiting for their rainbow after the Strom.

I can definitely saying pregnancy is getting easier! I haven’t felt a bar of sickness since the early days of pregnancy and it’s amazing! With Lorenzo I got morning sick at night and it was for a week than it stopped. This time around I was bed ridden some days and even took a day off work!? So I’m so happy to report that is a thing of the past!

Definitely feeling those food cravings now! I can’t eat fast food take away anymore without wanting to throw up which I’m not complaining about as I need to stay away from anyway, but my biggest craving right now is soup! Doesn’t matter what kind but I just have to have soup! Every day this week I’ve been bringing in soup packets and trying different ones from the shops, I’ve tried chicken noodle, Asian and just the normal beef noodles Love them!

A new thing that has also happened this week is I’ve actually felt the baby move, it was such a faint light movement and I only realised what it was until half way, I remember feeling that same flutters with Lorenzo but not this early, but I guess I know what I’ll feel this time around and be a pro!

Also who knew feeling dizzy Durning pregnancy was a real thing! But it happened at the worset times at work and was very annoying but eventually would pass.

Other than just a few of those things I’ve felt great this week and can’t believe I’ve knocked down a another week, definitely feel like this pregnancy is moving faster than the first and we will have a baby here in no time.

Bump update:

Can’t wait to see what 14 weeks brings ❌⭕

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