Chicken fried rice

One massive thing about me is I love cooking, I’ve grown up cooking by my grandmother and I’ve definitely found my passion for cooking at the beginning of this year, Christmas is coming up and this year it might be at the Caesar household so I’ve been really getting into my recipes and trying new things.

Tonight I chose fried rice from my cook cook, I haven’t really tried to cook this dish before only because when it comes to food my hubby is actually very picky… Which is rather annoying.

The first step I did was cut up all my vegetables.

Red capsicum small, shallots, onions.

Then I cracked two eggs and mixed and made a omelette and cut it up too little pieces.

The next step was to cut the chicken and add to my wok I then added one tablespoon of oil and one table spoon of soy sauce and stirred until chicken was cooked.

Once the chicken was cooked I then added my vegetables and egg and mixed well and continued to cook on a low heat.

Next was cook the rice I did two cups of rice to two cups of water.

Once the rice is cooked the last step is too add the cook rice to the chicken and vegetables and mix well.

Dinner is served!

Dinner was a win for the Caesar household, hubby finished his bowl clean and my son asked for more! And it was actually a simple thing to cook and definitely will be re- cooking it again.

The Caesar family ❌

One thought on “Chicken fried rice

  1. Hello Miss Kate, well done. Next time you cook this instead of plain water to cook your rice use chicken stock, pre-made or use a stock cube. Adds more flavour.


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