Can I really do this!?

When your pregnant for the very first time it’s this magical feeling, you feel so excited and have all this extra engrey and all the little things are amazing.. when you fall pregnant the second time your told of all the stories of how hard it really is, but you never really fully understand.

Until your having a hard day with your first born child and he or she is fighting for their nap, and your trying to hide your face of exhaustion and on the inside you want to curl up in a ball and cry or wish your child would nap so you can too.

Your days become longer and shorter and you try to remember to love every moment and experience it all as it might be your last pregnancy.

The best way to describe pregnancy is you just wish you could sleep for a week, you just need that extra sleep. I’m finding myself napping on my lunch breaks at work or once I put my toddler to bed at 7pm I’m in bed fast asleep at 7:30pm… But some how you have to fit in loads of washing, dishes, cooking meals and trying to still show love and affection to your hubby when it’s the last thing you want to do..

Not because you don’t love him because you do, you love him so much and are so thankful for all the extra house work he’s picking up because you are beginning to fade away, because he works and takes care of your child as well.

Your tired, your run down, your sore from all this pregnancy business, your trying to remember to show effection to your husband, trying to be their for family, for work, have a social life and also have time for yourself.

You begin to feel emtional that your toddler is missing out, that he or she won’t need you as much once the baby is here, you worry that you need more alone time with your toddler before the new baby so you try and fit in more activities on top of everything else, you want that last kiss and hug every night.

It’s all new and the unknown of what lies ahead scares the crap of you! Can I do this? Can I really be a mother to two can I really share the love between both children? Can I be a good mother? Am I a good mother?

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