15 week update

This week was the hardest by far this pregnancy.. my week started off normal then soon went down hill from there.

This week was a little scary in terms of pains in my lower stomach area. Last week I said about pains starting in my ovaries and this week it was double that. Work has been super busy this week getting all the kids ready for their Christmas concert and I didn’t really have time for my body to rest at all… Which in return I over worked myself and caused massive pains and some leaking. After a visit to see my OB turns out it was just fluid around the outside of the sac and not from inside which was great news and I was told just to take it easy… Which again I find so hard to take things easy as I work with children and my job is very much a high stress level kind of job. But I’m going to try.

I got to see our baby again ( no gender) we are choosing not to find out.


This week’s symptoms ~

• headaches ~ and I’m talking it would be a whole day headache, I would take Panadol and it was go for a bit then come back again… It was a pain in my bum!? I did notice it only happens if I forgot to drink so much water and it’s a really hot day! So definitely going to remind myself to drink more water well at work.

• round ligament pains ~ on top of my ovaries I had the normal lower ligament pains which the ob said was more painful and noticeable the second or third pregnancies… Definitely testing me and if I can carry this baby.. but I’ve upped my walking the dog to get better fitness to deal with the pain.

• the girls are definitely growing ~ I don’t know how much bigger they can get!?

For symptoms this week wasn’t much or I didn’t really notice them because of everything else going on with my body…

How I’m feeling this week ~ I’ve been so emtional, it’s starting to take a toll on me this pregnancy and I’m honestly waiting for he or she to be here already. Pregnancy the second time around is so much for physical and harder on you and your body… Having a toddler and being pregnant well running after him all the time has been hard. I do feel sorry for Hayden as he’s been doing so much and really have been so helpful and I just feel super lazy.

Baby bump ~

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