It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

I love Christmas it’s my favourite time of year, and now that I have children I love it even more! This will be Lorenzo’s second Christmas and this year his excitement level is really high! He knows Santa and whenever he sees a santa in the shops or even on tv he always begins yelling out “Santa”

Last year our tree was thin and just looked sad so we bought a new Christmas tree which made me very happy! Here in Australia we sadly don’t have real Christmas trees in the house and if we do it’s really really pricey! So it’s the good old fake trees. This year I wanted a nice fall tree and something that will last a few years, target actually had really nice Christmas trees this year which is where we picked ours up.

Of course I get hubby to in fluff it all and make it pretty!

Once the tree is set, we put on the lights which usually is our first step but hubby had to go out so this step had to wait until later, and me being me I just had to decorate straight away!

My theme this year is gold and white, I couldn’t find a white Nutcracker so sliver was the closest, but I think it works perfectly. I of course have to have baby Jesus in our Christmas decorations as he’s the main reason for Christmas.

The sliver and gold Nutcrackers are from again target! I’m definitely a target girl this year, I just found they had much cuter decorations.

When it comes to decorating the tree I’m definitely not Martha Stewart and it’s perfect, oh I wish I could do the perfect tree as you see all these stunning ones on Pinterest but every year I do try and every year it never looks like the pictures!

First I add the ball balls. I have my own little way of placing them so it’s a good amount of gold is to white. I go down the tree by three. So I start from the left and go white, gold, white, gold. Then I go to the middle and do gold, white, gold, white and of the right hand side I do white, gold, white and gold. I’ve actually looked up how to do it perfectly and Pinterest said to do it zig zag which I did try! This tree took two attempts trust me! But it just didn’t flow as right so I went back to just how I do things.

Next was adding the little Nick nacks to fill in the spaces, so Lorenzo’s star he made at daycare, and we also have a few keep sake items like a little Nutcracker, Santa slay with a mini Christmas tree and Lorenzo this year picked out a little bear. We also have these little decoration piece which are sliver little “berries” from the cheap shop $2 each to also fill in the tree! I used to use tinsel but I’ve grown up and find the tree looks way better without it.

Last year hubby started a memory with Lorenzo where they both put up the star on-top of the tree together between them. Which he followed this year. Unfortunately I lost my star from last year so we had to re-buy one but Lorenzo saw the angel and wanted it so this year we don’t have a star but I kind of like the angel.

I also have added a few more Christmas decorations around the house and still want to add some things so it’s not 100% finished but semi close to it.

I know some people find it weird to out up the Christmas stuff in November but I just love Christmas and if all the shops can do it so can I!

How do you decorate your house for the holiday season!? I would love to here what you and your families do so please leave a comment down below.

The Caesar family 🎄

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