16 weeks and counting

Sixteen weeks pregnant is done and dusted! How crazy is this… I’m officially 17 weeks I’m so close to being 20 weeks and that blows my mind, I feel like yesterday I was only four weeks and just beginning these weekly updates.

Also I’ve been doing some thinking and I am trying to decide if you guys would like monthly updates or continue with weekly updates, please leave a comment down below because I want to blog about other mum topics and not so focused on just my pregnancy even though it is my life right now.

This week was was a pretty good week after last week.

Pregnancy symptoms ~

Funniest this happened this week regarding my boobs! I went and visited my friend who’s just had her baby girl and when giving her cuddles my right boob began to hurt like crazy! Well I was holding my friends baby she was trying to go for my boobs which is when the pain began.. so I don’t know what that means but it definitely freaked me out!

Back pains ~ Definitely starting to feel the weight of looking after a toddler and being pregnant, when I bend over this week for example a simple task as putting my son in his car seat I seem to hit a nerve in my very lower back and almost my bum area!? I’ve put on the list of things to bring up with my Ob in my next appointment.

Food cravings ~ soup! I just love and want soup for breakfast lunch and dinner! I’ve had soup every day this week for lunch at work, and even one night had it again for dinner, just writing this makes me want soup!

Butterfly feelings ~ with Lorenzo I didn’t feel the baby until I was around 26 weeks but with the second baby I knew what these little feelings were and I can feel the baby move around from time to time and he or she is becoming more active inside.

Leg cramps ~ is that even a thing!? Because if I pull my legs too much in bed well relaxing or on the couch it kills!!! And I’m even scared to do this now because it hurts!

Baby size according to the app ~

Sorry I’m behind with my pregnancy update! It’s been a busy Start to a new week of pregnancy and I can’t wait to share with you all soon!

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