What Santa got my toddler for Christmas 2019 🎄

It’s no secret that I’m absolutely in love with all things Christmas! But my favourite part is buying my very busy almost two year old his Christmas gifts from “santa” I’ve always been a gift giver rather a gift receiver.

For my son’s second Christmas we wanted to go less crazy and way more practical! Last year we got way to much and half barely is touched.

Every year I turn to my trusty friend Pinterest! If you don’t have a Pinterest account then trust me you’ll want one! And if you do, please follow me so I too can go and look at your pages, because it’s honestly my most used app on my phone and I love getting ideas!

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Every year I begin my Christmas board!

In my Christmas board I found a really great way to space out the chips for Lorenzo this year and not have too many at the same time.

Obviously the person who made this had two kids which next year I do. But for this year I ended up changing the idea a little. I saw the “s” which gave me the idea ( from santa) a I’ve turned the “E” into a “P” ( from parents) which means in total that’s eight gifts plus his stocking will be filled with all these little Nick nacks.

Now that I’ve covered how I did my gift list for my son this year! Let’s get shopping!

Something he needs.

From the something he needs list from us we said bath toys which #kmart ended up having a little great game, that was not only very cheap but also will be a focusing game that will challenge lorenzo to keep them floating which from a educator point of view I loved! This will keep him very busy in that bath.

From something he wants from parents we got him a wooden school bus kit because he loves buses, trucks & cars. He’s definitely a boy!

School bus kit

From something he wants from santa we found a farm animal kit that we know he will love the most!

We already covered something he needs from santa which is a bath game, but from us we decided to buy shoes! He goes through his shoes like no tomorrow, as he goes to daycare 3 days a week and next year will be four! We headed to the Nike shop and found the perfect pair. We went with a summer pair and for his birthday will probably go for a winter pair but we space it out because he’s a January kid so we need to save some things for his birthday!

For something he needs, this kid also is very good at just going through all his clothes he just grows like a weed! He’s tall just like his dad. So I feel like I’m forever buying clothes for him more than me.

From santa we just went with heaps of nice clothes some from cotton kids, H&M and target, just tops and pants.

From us we wanted to get him a few new PJs for the year. For PJs we went to my favourite shop which is Peter Alexander we bought one nice set from here because I just couldn’t help myself.

For something educational, from santa we got him a all in one art easel, that we know he will love!

And from us the parents we got him a puzzle/ learning toy.

And that is what we got Lorenzo gift wise for Christmas, he also has a Christmas stocking so we have made a list of items (small) that we will be putting in their.

And our Christmas stocking list is:

• ball ( he loves bouncing balls)

• toothbrush ( always need to update)

• a kids bath bomb ( something little)

• little hot cars ( he loves cars)

This year was easy and bought all the gifts before December has even begun! All thanks to Pinterest and online shopping! I would love to here ideas of ways you guys do Christmas shopping for your kids I’m always looking for cost effective ways to keep myself from spending way too much and also buying way too much. Also if you loved this blog say tuned as I’m working on my gift list for 2019 so if your looking for ideas I’ve got you covered.

The Caesar family ❌

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