17 weeks ~

This week started off amazing! We have some news to share which is we had a scan and when asked if we wanted to know both hubby and I couldn’t help ourselves and we said yes! I know we said we wanted it to be a big surprise but we decided we are not those kind of people!

As im writing this it’s the day after finding out and we still are tossing and turning if we will tell the world or keep it a suprise for everyone else? So I guess you might see this blog or you might not see it?

Gender suprise ~ we went into the scan and the baby looked good, the lady said straight away I know the gender.. hubby and I just looked at each other and started giggling and smiling like two little school kids! She had a more look around and then asked us if we wanted to know the gender? Hubby has always been pro finding out and I was always the one that was pro not finding out! But in that moment I just couldn’t contain it any longer! And so loudly said YES!

We placed our bets before the lady said anything, I was convinced it was a boy! And hubby was team girl! After we placed our bets, the lady said ok are you ready to find out! I closed my eyes and turned my head and when she said the gender, cried the biggest happiest tears ever!

It’s a girl!!! We can’t believe we are having a little girl! This is crazy, we don’t even know how to be parents to a little girl. We are so over joyed with emotions and now we feel like the Caesar family is very much complete and definitely will be closing the baby train after she is born. Our little girl gets a big brother someone to protect her and Lorenzo gets a little sister someone to annoy and love all at the same time.

This week according to the app, our baby girl is the size of a onion!? Although I look and feel much better than that I do get a laugh out of those.

The app also says she is practicing her sucking & swallowing this week. Also I’m now four months pregnant with only five months left to go.

This week’s symptoms:

• indigestion when I eat very salty foods I’ve noticed.

• my soup craving is still very much here and loving it!

• leg cramps

• lower stomach pains ( growing)

Not much in symptoms this week but it’s been a good week for the Caesar family in terms of growth.

Belly shot:

I didn’t do one last week as it hadn’t grown since the weeks before but it’s definitely grown this week. Even had one of my friends at work noticed just how big it is yesterday! She just randomly saw me standing their and said wow you can really see it now!

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be in my work uniform for!

Can’t wait to see what week 18 brings

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