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When we began our family Hayden and I both sat down and I let him know how I want to raise our children, what I want our family values to be. Before I get into what they all are I want to begin by explaining our own beliefs and values as a couple.

I was raised in a very Catholic household, I spent every second Sunday at church and was also very involved in the church life. Hayden comes from a family who are not Catholic or Christians and grew up in this invorment. I also have some circle of friends who are also not a part of any church.

When Lorenzo was first born hubby and I sat down and I discussed what I wanted, I wanted our children baptized in my family church and I wanted my kids to grow up in the Catholic faith. Hubby was very supportive and agreed that this was important to me it was important to him as well.

My sister’s and I on Lorenzo’s baptism

Lorenzo and I have been attending our family church most Sundays again this is something I have unfortunately not been able to attend every Sunday but my 2020 goal is too make better management for God.

As for hubby I have never forced him to attend church all that I’ve asked is that he supports my beliefs and values. Which he has been, there has been times he hasn’t and this turned into a sit down conversation with him which had a outcome both him and I could agree on. He agreed to be more supportive and allow that, he agreed our children will have a understanding about God and he also agreed when it’s big family church services such as Easter & Christmas he would come to church with us as a family. I never want to push Hayden into something he doesn’t have to do or want to but I’m so thankful he has been so supportive and it just shows how much love and respect we have for each other.

It’s not easy growing up as a Catholic mother when your around some people who are not, sometimes you feel judgement and it’s just easier to not talk about your faith rather be open and share it all.

My love and passion to be a better Catholic comes from my grandmother, she is a very Catholic women who has only ever missed one Sunday mass due to being in hospital. Even when she’s off traveling the world she will find a church and attend. She has detected her week days to helping soup kitchens and most family events she’s even invited friends from her church over who may not of had family around themselves. She the women I’ve grown up to look up too and the women who has given me my faith.

My values I want for my children are to always be kind to others, to be whoever they want to be, to trust in the pathway God has set out for them, for them show love, respect and guidance to others. I want my children to choose their own pathway if this means they don’t want to.follow the word of God I want them to make that choice on their own and understand that God will always be there for them even if they feel they don’t need him in their life at that stage. The reason I have this rule set in place is because I hit a stage where I lost my faith, I stopped going to church and my mother let me and said it was ok. And about two years ago I found myself back in the arms of God and my beliefs have returned, i truly believe that people always find their way back if they really want too, I also believe that even if you don’t believe in a religion someone is always watching over you.

I would love to know if I have any other parents who follow me and also have the same beliefs as I do. I would love to connect and here your story!

The Caesar family.

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