18 weeks of pregnancy

Well it finally happened! I finally went out and bought a pregnancy pillow. Definitely was needed as sleep has become a very non enjoyable time for me, baby girl doesn’t like if I lay on my right or left side and I struggle sleeping on my back so I’ve decided to give the good old pregnancy pillow a try.

Also I really wished I could pass on the heart burn this pregnancy, but unfortunately this week its come back in full swing and has even made me throw up… So definitely not enjoying this feeling but it could be worse and I’m glad it’s not.

This week’s symptoms:

• heart burn

• break sleep some nights

• tiredness

• sickness

This pregnancy has been so different from Lorenzo but definitely for the better, I was in and out of hospital with my son and this time around the only bad thing I have to say is I get the worset heartburn.

How my ovaries are going:

With Lorenzo I was told I had ovarian cyst’s and they reached a size of 30ml, at the beginning of this pregnancy I definitely was feeling the same sharp pains I did with lorenzo and I knew straight away it was my ovaries. After having a scan on them I was told my cyst’s are back but in a form of a heap of little ones which apparently is some what normal in pregnancy and my doctor doesn’t seem to be worried. As for my pain levels they definitely are not as bad compared to my last pregnancy and I was told to just take it easy which will manage my pain levels.

Energy levels: I thought I would add on a few extra details into my weekly updates and one I’ve been feeling I talk about a lot is my energy levels. My friends say they have noticed I’m not as tired as I was when I was pregnant with Lorenzo and I definitely can notice those moments, but I honestly think I’m just better at this whole being pregnant part because it’s not my first time. Personally I feel way more tired than last time but I definitely think it’s because last pregnancy I could just sleep when I wanted a nap… Clearly I don’t get that this time around because I have a almost two year old. But definitely feel I’m handling my energy levels a whole lot better than last pregnancy.

18 week bump shot!

Diet: my weight management this pregnancy has definitely been a whole lot better than last pregnancy but I think it helps when my only craving this whole pregnancy has been soup and I’ve been having soup every day for lunch at work. I definitely could be a whole lot better but I think I’m doing ok, I haven’t gone up a dress size at all this pregnancy just yet which is an amazing record for me.

Can’t wait to see what the nineteenth week brings!

The Caesar family ❌