Holy crap hormones!?

19 weeks pregnant and acting like a crazy women…. Is this normal!

This week has been such a bag of hidden emotions I didn’t even know I had… When people say every pregnancy is different they are not lying! With Lorenzo it was a very “medical” pregnancy I was in and out of hospital and even after he was born we still had health issues. With baby girl it’s definitely a whole lot better compared to Lorenzo but boy oh boy I have never experienced pregnancy symptoms so much in my life!

I’m going to be honest with you all, I’m so done with being pregnant this for me is well and truly it! I’ve got my boy and now my girl and I’m out! Pregnancy is so much harder the second time around and I can only imagine it gets worse the more kids you add on! And I’m struggling this week, back pains are at a level 8 out of 10, I only have a good night sleep in I have my pregnancy pillow, I’m so tired from full time work and running after a almost two year old and when you add in pregnancy on top it’s a nightmare. I can’t wait to give birth in April and work on myself again and this baby making body!

Pregnancy systems:

• hormones! I’ve cried, I’ve laughed and I’ve been a bitch and yes sometimes all at the same time this week!?

• back pains, lower back is killing me this week and definitely think if it doesn’t go away soon I’ll head to the doctors and see what I can do to improve my lower back muscles.

• morning sickness apparently back and I’m not happy about it! It’s not every day but on and off this week and I’ve been lucky and only thrown up once just felt like crap the rest of times.

Energy levels this week:

Honestly my energy levels are low! I’m so ready for the Christmas holidays I have three weeks left of work then a two week break and it’s much needed right now this very week.

Belly update:


Still loving my soup but also can now add cucumber, around 3pm most working days I’ll find myself snacking on a whole cucumber and chatting with my boss.

Baby movements:

Haven’t felt kicks yet but can from time to time feel her moving around and doing her thing, would love to feel the strong kicks soon.

We had our Ob check up this week and got to see baby girl, her heart beat is sitting at 130 and she is very happy and connect but the looks of things in the belly.

Can’t wait to see what 20 weeks looks like for the both of us.

The Caesar family ❌

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