21 weeks and counting

This week was a crazy busy week in the Caesar household. It was everyone’s last week of work & daycare and the week before Christmas madness begins.

Pregnancy app I’ve been using:

I was asked from my last blog which app I use and like. For both pregnancies I’ve used “what to expect.”

I just find the app to be super easy to use and can almost relate to all the symptoms. The only thing I don’t use with this app and it’s more a personal choice is the community space. I found with my first I was always asking and always comparing my pregnancy to other women or feeling judgement from other mothers on this group page so now I don’t even look at it. I did try using a pregnancy app that doesn’t have the option of chatting to other mothers but at the end of the day I always came back to this app.

Baby’s size:

According to the app this week baby girls size was as large as a banana!

Although baby is only the size of a banana I feel more like the size of a house!

Bump update:

21 weeks and growing

Pregnancy symptoms:

Not going to lie this week is full of TMI and over sharing so if you get weirdest out easy please just skip!

• bloating and gas! This week I was feeling more like a gas station then a pregnant lady..

• moody! This has been a occuring thing my whole pregnancy which makes me scared to have a little girl running around very soon. Some weeks I’m great and other weeks I’m a total bitch and I can here myself being this crazy person yet I can’t control it and stop myself.

• just like my pregnancy with Lorenzo I think my heartburn and indigestion is here to stay, but this pregnancy its way more manageable when I eat the right foods I’m fine, when I eat fatty or really salty foods that’s when it’s bad. So I tend to stay away from Bad foods but this week was impossible to do so.

• this week I haven’t felt baby girl move very much and still haven’t felt her kick yet which i have made a mental note of and I have my ob appointment next week the day before Christmas so I will definitely bring this up.

How mumma is feeling:

Again this week has been super busy in terms of getting ready for Christmas. This year we are super busy and having a toddler who now understands Christmas has been so fun but also lots of hard work. So with how I’m feeling & coping I’m hanging in their and just taking it day by day until Christmas is over I think.

I can’t wait for next week’s update as I get to see baby girl at our 22 week ob appointment before Christmas.

The Caesar family ❌

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