First pregnancy compared to my second

My first pregnancy was a bag of emotions it was fun , exciting & new. Buying all these new baby clothes and items and the baby shower, enjoying all the scans and seeing the heartbeat as well as feeling those first kicks I loved every second of it even the bad.

Hubby and I really hit that honeymoon stage all over again I don’t think we had a single fight Durning my first pregnancy we were both just so happy and on cloud nine it was such a new and exciting time for us. Hubby came to all the scans, all the doctors appointments he was so involved and so was I.

Our second pregnancy.

When we first found out I was pregnant I was scared! When I fell pregnant with Lorenzo I stocked but happy, with our second it actually took a few days to hit me. Of course we were happy to find out and ready. But I think the fear of “holy crap we are really doing this again” came around a lot sooner than we thought it would. Hubby and I both started to think about ” what others would say” so we actually kept our pregnancy a secret for the first few weeks until we really adjusted to the new change ourselves. It was funny we both began freaking out straight away about having two children? Can we do this? Are we going to be ok? What happens now!? It was one of those moments when finding out which is so different from Lorenzo our first.

Things I’ve found different the second time around.

The fear has gone, I am enjoying every little moment with our second pregnancy as we know this will be our last. We are happy and content knowing we have one boy and one girl and we really don’t want to mess that up.

With our first we really took in everything that was said and told to us, yes that pregnancy was more a medical one compared to our second but even this time around there’s a few scans we have chosen not to take part in. For example with Lorenzo I had to know if he was going to have down syndrome or not… But with baby girl I told my Ob from the start I didn’t want to have my 13 week scan because if my child ends up with down syndrome it won’t make me love her any less and if she does we will work as a family when she’s here rather stressing about it now.

Second thing that’s changed is with my first pregnancy it was a all I could eat buffet I didn’t care because I was pregnant and was going to enjoy it! Definitely different this time around, I really watch what I eat and I think at work I’m the worse because there is just always food but when I’m at home I’m a health freak.

Third is I’m not stressing, I’m not on Google 24/7 asking if this is normal or if this is ok? I’m still eating sushi as my ob said I can but just not too much all at once which that means yes but once every so often, I’m still going for long walks/ runs as it’s not going to kill me. I’m taking it easy at work but still helping out way more than what I did with Lorenzo. I’m definitely more aware of my body I know when something doesn’t feel right, when I need to take it easy or when I need to rest.

Comparing pregnancies.

With Lorenzo man did I have it easy! I remember I only really got morning sickness for like a week straight at the same time “6pm” every night and it was done and dusted. Boy oh Boy is baby girl so different I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and just last night well “2am last night” throwing up!

Lorenzo definitely took the cake with way more health issues as I was in hospital every trimester which I did document my first pregnancyas well if you would like to have a walk back down memory lane. But if we are comparing just straight pregnancy hormones then I got nothing in compared to this time around! I get morning sickness still, I’ve had days off work because it’s been that bad, I can’t walk past people wearing lots of perfume or I’ll get a headache straight away, I can only eat type of foods that don’t give me heartburn and indigestion.. the list goes on!

So to sum it up Lorenzo was the easiest pregnancy by far compared to baby girl.

Things I’ve done differently.

First massive difference is I’ve changed hospital. My children will be born at two different hospital’s and my reasons are valid don’t worry. When I gave birth to my son both hubby and I just were so disappointed with how the staff acted at the first hospital, we tried to make it all down to “just the time of year.” Which was January and here in Australia it was the 26th of January which is Australia Day. But I look back on it and I said to myself well no Kate.. all hospitals have a wide range of staffing, I’ve had work friends have their babies at the same hospital and they loved it! Which is probably why I tried to tell myself it was just the time of year but i think than they should of been more prepared. I had to sit through one night of midwifes having a fight with each other for everyone to here…. I’m sorry but that’s not normal. So yes for baby number two I looked into my health insurance and saw what they offered and looked around at hospital’s and finally found the right fit for us, hubby and I had eight different OB’s to choose from and we are very happy with the person we ended up picking and so far our time with the hospital has been way more enjoyable.

Second change is we bought new items we learnt what we liked and what we didn’t like about our first pram or our first co-sleeper and have decided to update and refresh for baby number two.

Third change will be that when our baby girl is born we have decided not to tell anyone until we are ready. With Lorenzo we had everyone at the hospital and it was so overwhelming for both hubby and I. So we have decided we want to enjoy at least the first two days alone with our new little girl and son and then invite people up to the hospital no matter how close they maybe to us. We haven’t even fully decided if we would just wait to announce until after we are home from the hospital.. I guess time will tell. But yes things will be much different the second time around.

I find it so amazing how different my pregnancy is the second time around compared to the first. For me we knew it was a girl from the first four weeks just by how different they have been, we knew it wasn’t a boy because it’s so much harder this time around so thankfully we know the gender and it was confirmed! But I would love to here from other parents and how your pregnancies were? Did you have the same outcome?

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